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Returns, Refunds, and Shipping Policy

Order Processing and Shipping Times

At Save Eungella, we are committed to ensuring a smooth and timely processing of your orders. To help you understand our process better, here is an overview of our order processing and shipping timelines.


Online Payments (PayPal)

Processing Time: Orders paid online at the time of ordering via PayPal are processed within 2-3 business days. This swift processing ensures that your order moves quickly to the shipping stage.

Payments via EFT/Bank Transfer

Processing Time: For orders paid via EFT/Bank Transfer after completing the order, we conduct payment reconciliation every Monday of each week. Therefore, if you make a payment on a Tuesday, for instance, your order may not be processed until the following Monday. Once the payment is reconciled, your order will be processed within the next 2-3 business days.

Shipping Time

General Shipping Timeline: Regardless of the payment method, once your order is processed, please allow up to 14 business days for your order to be shipped. This timeline ensures that we can adequately handle the logistics and provide you with the best service possible.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Strictly no returns. Strictly no refunds.
Once you place an order on the Save Eungella website, and you pay for that order, your items are made and prepared for shipment.
Orders are not able to be canceled once they have been placed. Returns will not be accepted unless you can prove that the item/s you received are faulty or not as described.

Shipping Policy

Shipping fees apply to each order. Shipping applies to Australian addresses only. No international delivery/shipping is available. Shipping fees do not change with different addresses.

A flat shipping fee is charged for each category the items in your order fall under. The category fee is applied no matter the quantity of items within that category.


For example, if you order 1 x shirt and 1 x bin sticker, you are charged $10 + $15 for shipping. If you order 4 x shirts and 4 x bin stickers, you are still only charged $10 + $15.

The following fees apply per category:
s/Hats/Caps/Hoodies: $10
Bumper Stickers: $6

Bin Stickers: $15
Signs: $25
Books: $10

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