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7 News Mackay Covers Independent Documentary "The Race for Renewables"

7 News Mackay's coverage of a recent documentary reveals a poignant narrative centered around the residents of Eungella. Their concerns focus on the potentially devastating impact of the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project on the local platypus population. This unique and iconic species, already facing threats from various fronts, could find its very existence jeopardised by the environmental changes the project entails.

The documentary, through the eyes of various stakeholders, including scientists, environmental activists, and local residents, explores the complex interplay between the advancement of renewable energy projects and the preservation of biodiversity. Eungella, known for its lush rainforests and the elusive platypus, stands at the crossroads of this debate.

Energy Minister Mick De Brenni's firm stance on proceeding with the pumped hydro project, despite the concerns raised, adds a layer of urgency to the community's plea. The documentary and the news story by 7 News Mackay highlight a critical question: How do we balance the race for renewable energy with the imperative to protect our natural ecosystems?

As a community dedicated to the conservation of Eungella and its unique inhabitants, we must rally together to ensure our voices are heard. The story presented by "The Race for Renewables" and echoed by 7 News Mackay is not just about Eungella or the platypus; it's about setting a precedent for how renewable energy projects are conceptualised and implemented across Australia.



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