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A Leap for Conservation: The Eungella Day Frog Discovery

In an exhilarating development for environmental conservation, Earth Animal - Australia has made a groundbreaking discovery in the fight against the Queensland Hydro proposed Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project. The endangered Eungella Day Frog, an emblematic species of our region, has been identified within the proposed project's reservoir footprint.

Photo of a frog called the Eungella Day Frog
Photo of Taudactylus eungellensis (Eungella dayfrog) - McDonald, K.,Queensland Government,1998

This discovery is a triumph for biodiversity, highlighting the rich and unique ecosystems under threat by large-scale reckless-renewable projects. The Eungella Day Frog, with its high protection status, is not just a species; it represents the intricate web of life that thrives in Eungella. Its presence in the project area underlines the critical need for comprehensive environmental assessments before undertaking such massive initiatives.

This finding by Earth Animal - Australia reinforces Save Eungella's commitment to safeguarding our natural heritage. It demonstrates the power of diligent research and community-driven environmental advocacy. As we celebrate this victory, we are reminded of our responsibility to ensure these rare creatures continue to thrive in their natural habitat.

As Save Eungella, we stand at the forefront of protecting such vital species. This discovery fuels our resolve to oppose the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project, which poses a significant threat to the survival of these endangered frogs. We will continue working tirelessly, advocating for the preservation of our unique ecosystems and the species that call them home.



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