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A Thousand Voices in the Wild: The Platypus Population's Plea Against Pumped Hydro

Platypus in Peril: The Unseen Consequences of Pumped Hydro

In a revelation that stirs both wonder and worry, Earth Animal - Australia has brought to light a critical aspect of the proposed Pioneer Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project’s impact. A staggering estimate of over 1000+ platypus within a 60km radius of the project site has been uncovered, highlighting the grave environmental risks posed by this development in the Pioneer Valley west of Mackay, Queensland.

A Platypus being held
Photograph: Mick Tsikas/Reuters

The Myth of 'Just Farmland' Shattered

The recent findings shatter Queensland Hydro's portrayal of the project area as primarily farming and cattle grazing land. This gross misrepresentation, as Earth Animal - Australia points out, overlooks the thriving ecosystem that the area supports, especially the significant platypus population, a species already facing regional extinction in parts of Australia due to human interference.

Real Research Versus Desktop Studies

The team at Earth Animal - Australia emphasises the importance of on-ground research over mere desktop studies and databases. Their extensive, hands-on investigation over the past six months reflects a dedication to uncovering the truth about the area's ecological richness. In contrast, the approach by Queensland Hydro and other stakeholders seems dangerously superficial and inadequate.

The Biodiversity at Stake

The Eungella, Dalrymple Heights, Bee Creek, and Netherdale areas are not just scenic retreats but vital habitats. These regions house a remarkable array of flora and fauna, including the platypus. The potential destruction from the hydro project and associated renewable energy sites threatens to erase this unparalleled biodiversity.

Government Apathy and Community Response

Despite the alarming findings, there appears to be a disheartening disconnect between government actions and environmental protection. The revelation that Queensland's WildNet database is lagging with millions of data entries further underscores the inadequacy of current environmental assessments.

The People's Role in Conservation

In the face of such governmental neglect, Earth Animal - Australia, along with the proactive Eungella community, are leading the charge in gathering accurate environmental data. Their commitment to documenting and protecting these species is a powerful testament to community-led conservation efforts.

A Call to Action

This situation calls for immediate attention and action. We stand with Earth Animal - Australia and the Eungella community in their fight to safeguard the platypus population and the broader ecological integrity of the area. We urge everyone to contribute to this cause, whether through submitting platypus sightings or supporting the fight against the Pioneer Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project.

Awaiting the Groundbreaking Report

The upcoming report from Earth Animal - Australia is eagerly anticipated. It promises to be a crucial document, armed with facts and on-ground evidence, to challenge the misinformation and lack of thorough assessment plaguing this project.

Join us as we continue to champion the cause of the Eungella platypus and the myriad other species that call this region home. Together, we can make a difference and ensure the voices of the wild are heard and heeded.



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