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Cairns Conversations Amplifies Save Eungella's Advocacy

In a recent interview on Cairns Conversations, Kylee Stanton from Save Eungella passionately discussed the looming threats of the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project. This conversation shed light on the environmental risks, particularly the impact on local wildlife, including several newly discovered species and the area's critical platypus population. Kylie emphasised the community's strong opposition, highlighting government inconsistency and lack of transparency, which fosters distrust and distress within the community.

The dialogue also touched on the broader implications for local ecosystems, including potential contamination of Cattle Creek and its downstream effects on the Pioneer River and the Great Barrier Reef. These insights are crucial as they highlight not only the environmental cost but also the community's ongoing struggle for a transparent and accountable decision-making process.

Listen to the full interview here.



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