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Logo and Website Launch - Save Eungella

We are very excited to announce and launch our new name, logo, and website.

In October 2022, with the support of over 80 local residents, the group formerly known as 'NO Hydro Save Netherdale/Eungella/Mt Dalrymple' was formed to help locals and landowners and their concerns about the impact the proposed pumped hydro project would have on the environment and the community. We are still the same group, but now we have a new name. The group has recently rebranded itself as 'Save Eungella'.

Save Eungella Logo
Save Eungella Logo

The rebranding was implemented by Craig Burns in close consultation with the founding members and management of the Save Eungella group. The reasons behind the rebrand were multifaceted, including having a name that aligns with the group's goals, the need to make the group appear more professional, and to assist with promoting the group's message to a wider audience.

One of the primary reasons for the rebranding was to have a name that aligns with the group's goals. On a psychological and emotional level, it's important that as a community movement group, our name speaks about what we want to achieve as opposed to what we are trying to stop. By adopting a name that reflects our aspirations and positive vision, we can inspire and rally individuals to join our cause, fostering a sense of hope, unity, and purpose. This shift in focus allows us to channel our energy towards constructive action, building a better future rather than simply resisting the present circumstances. Our new name embodies our collective determination to save this pristine and beautiful part of the world, conveying a message of progress, empowerment, and transformative change that resonates with both our members and the wider community. The group is not against hydro as a source of renewable energy, but rather, it is specifically against the proposed Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project in the Eungella region. By changing the name to Save Eungella, the group is better able to reflect its beliefs and goals.

Another reason for the rebranding was to make the group appear more professional. The previous name, NO Hydro Save Netherdale/Eungella/Mt Dalrymple, was quite long and difficult to remember. The new name, Save Eungella, is shorter, simpler, and easier to remember. This makes it easier for people to find the group online, and for people to share the name of the group and information about the group with others. The rebranding also aims to assist with promoting the group's message to a wider audience. By having a name that is more accessible and easier to remember, the group is better able to reach a wider audience, both locally and across Queensland and Australia. The new website and social media channels, which were also part of the rebranding, will help to increase the group's digital footprint and further promote its message in a more accessible way.

Finally, the Save Eungella rebranding focuses on Eungella as the hero of the region. Eungella is well known for its natural environment, the platypus, and many other unique and attractive qualities. Eungella is not only a local attraction, but people all over Australia and the world come to Eungella for its pristine environment and rare fauna and flora. As such, leveraging the notoriety of Eungella allows us to showcase its ecological significance and position it as a global conservation icon. By highlighting Eungella's natural wonders and emphasising the importance of preserving its delicate ecosystem, the Save Eungella rebranding aims to inspire both locals and visitors to become stewards of this remarkable place. Additionally, the group does not mean to exclude anyone or any community and aims to be as inclusive as possible, which is why all communities impacted by the proposed Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro project are referenced and mentioned throughout our website and promotional products.

To demonstrate our efforts to be inclusive, you can buy a shirt right now from our website to support the local community of your choice. Click here to see the shirts.

By changing our name to Save Eungella, we are better able to reflect our beliefs and goals, and better promote our message more effectively. Through educational initiatives, community involvement, and peaceful protests, we can ensure that future generations will continue to appreciate and protect the unparalleled beauty and biodiversity that Eungella has to offer. Together, let us unite under the Save Eungella banner and champion the cause of environmental conservation, securing a bright and sustainable future for this magnificent region and our communities.



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