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Outrage Over Misleading Advertisements by Queensland Hydro

The recent advertisements released by Queensland Hydro have sparked outrage and disappointment among the local community and those affected by the proposed Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro project. These advertisements, depicting people swimming and enjoying recreational activities in what appears to be a pristine and clean hydro reservoir, are far from the reality that Queensland Hydro has acknowledged. This deliberate dissemination of misinformation has left locals feeling betrayed and misled.

Locals Are Angry and Upset

The misleading nature of these advertisements has ignited anger and frustration among the residents of Eungella and the surrounding areas. These ads paint an idyllic picture that starkly contrasts with the harsh realities we face. The community, who has been grappling with the potential negative impacts of the project, feel their concerns are being dismissed and trivialised by Queensland Hydro's false narrative.

Queensland Hydro’s Deliberate Misinformation

Queensland Hydro’s advertisements are not just misleading; they are a deliberate attempt to deceive the public. By showing picturesque scenes of people swimming in the reservoirs, they are creating a false impression of what the Pioneer-Burdekin reservoirs will actually be like. This type of misinformation is not just unethical but also deeply harmful to the trust and transparency that Queensland Hydro claims to uphold.

The Reality of the Reservoirs

Queensland Hydro has admitted in various forums that the Pioneer-Burdekin reservoirs will not be accessible to the general public. The reservoirs will be fenced off, and the water quality will not be suitable for drinking, swimming, or any recreational activities. The water is expected to be dirty, smelly, and unsafe, with significant fluctuations in water levels leaving unsightly muddy bottoms exposed. These conditions make it clear that the reservoirs will not be the recreational havens portrayed in the advertisements.

The Pioneer-Burdekin reservoirs will be mud flats not accessible to the public.
The Pioneer-Burdekin reservoirs will be mud flats not accessible to the public.

Locals are outraged at the deliberate misleading advertisements shown by Queensland Hydro
Locals are outraged at the deliberate misleading advertisements shown by Queensland Hydro

A Call for Accountability

Given these acknowledgments, why would Queensland Hydro choose to produce and publish such misleading advertisements? This is a blatant act of deception, not the transparency they consistently promise. The community deserves better, and at the very least, Queensland Hydro should issue a formal apology for misleading the public.

Demand for Corrective Action

Furthermore, we demand that Queensland Hydro allocate the same amount of money spent on these misleading advertisements to create and publish accurate and truthful information. The public deserves to know the real impacts and limitations of the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro project. Queensland Hydro should commit to educating locals about the actual facts and realities, rather than presenting a fabricated, idealized version of the project.

The community of Eungella and its surrounding areas will not stand for this kind of deceit. We call on Queensland Hydro to rectify their misleading advertisements immediately and to start engaging with the community honestly and transparently. Anything less is a disservice to the people they claim to serve.



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