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Pirate Flags on Queensland Hydro Drilling Rigs

Save Eungella wishes to bring to public attention the concerning and disrespectful behaviour exhibited by Queensland Hydro in their ongoing operations in our region. Recently, it has been observed that several of Queensland Hydro's drilling rigs in the Eungella area have been adorned with pirate flags. This act, we believe, is more than a mere display of humor; it represents a blatant disregard for the mental and emotional welfare of the residents of Eungella and surrounding areas.

The presence of these pirate flags on drilling rigs is perceived as a taunt towards our community members, many of whom have voiced strong concerns and opposition to the ongoing proposed Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project. Such imagery evokes notions of lawlessness and conquest, which is especially insensitive given the significant environmental and social impact these projects have on our community.

This act of insensitivity is not just a minor oversight but highlights a broader issue of bullying and lack of care by Queensland Hydro towards those who call this place home. For a government-owned entity, tasked with serving the interests of the people, to engage in behaviour that can be construed as mocking the very community it impacts, is unacceptable and unbecoming.

We, at Save Eungella, urge Queensland Hydro to immediately remove these flags from their equipment and to engage in a more respectful and considerate manner with our community. We also call on relevant authorities and stakeholders to take note of this behaviour, which we see as part of a pattern of disregard for community sentiment and welfare.

As a community deeply connected to our environment and way of life, we stand firm in our call for a more empathetic and respectful approach from Queensland Hydro and all involved in these projects.



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