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Premier's Apology Falls Short for Eungella's Hydro Concerns

In an unexpected visit to Eungella, Queensland Premier Steven Miles sought to address the concerns surrounding the controversial Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project, an initiative that has stirred significant unrest within the community since its announcement in September 2022. The Premier's attempt to apologise for the project's abrupt unveiling and to engage directly with the community's queries signifies a noteworthy, albeit overdue, step towards open dialogue. However, most residents feel it's too little too late and were left with more questions than answers.

During his visit, Premier Miles engaged with the locals, fielding questions about the projected impacts of the hydro project on the community's wellbeing, the environment, and the delicate ecosystem of Eungella. Yet, despite the Premier's intentions, the encounter laid bare a glaring issue: a perceived lack of transparency and sincerity from the government's side. The community's disappointment stemmed not just from unanswered questions but from a growing sense that the project was launched with scant planning, preparation, or genuine consideration for the local populace or the environment.

This interaction underscores a broader concern: the Queensland Government's commitment, or lack thereof, to genuinely incorporate community feedback and environmental considerations into its energy projects. The situation in Eungella serves as a stark reminder of the importance of not only pursuing renewable energy solutions but doing so in a manner that is transparent, inclusive, and respectful of local communities and natural habitats.

The dissatisfaction expressed by Eungella's residents highlights a crucial gap in the government's approach to renewable energy projects — the need for meaningful, ground-level consultation and planning that prioritises ecological preservation and community welfare. As we stand firm against the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project, the experiences in Eungella only strengthen our commitment to ensure that such developments are not pursued without genuine consideration and respect for the communities and natural habitats they impact.

For the government, this presents an opportunity for reflection and recalibration. For the community and environmental advocates, it strengthens the call for a more inclusive, transparent, and environmentally sensitive approach to renewable energy development. The path forward must ensure that the green energy transition does not come at the cost of local communities and the natural world we aim to protect.



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