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Queensland's Power Paradox: Solar Solutions Ignored

Why does the Queensland Government press forward with projects that threaten the very fabric of our natural heritage, when the sun offers a brighter, cleaner future?

A recent report, as highlighted by ABC News, reveals a "staggering" projection: the capacity of rooftop solar in Australia is set to eclipse that of coal, gas, and hydro combined in the country's main grid. With nearly 20 gigawatts of small-scale solar already installed and predictions of tripling this capacity by 2054, the pivot to solar isn't just feasible; it's inevitable.

Yet, amidst this renewable renaissance, the Queensland Government, through entities like Queensland Hydro, is steadfast in its pursuit of the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project near Eungella. This endeavour not only contradicts the clean energy trajectory but also poses a direct threat to the ecosystems and tourism industry upon which our community thrives.

The Solar Solution

The rise of rooftop solar, bolstered by falling battery costs and increasing system sizes, represents more than just a shift in how we power our homes; it's a testament to the public's commitment to a sustainable future. As solar installations burgeon, bringing with them the promise of a low-emission economy, one must question the logic of investing in infrastructure that undermines both our environmental and economic well-being.

Solar panels on the roofs of residential homes
Solar power set to power our future

A Call to Rethink

It's time for a conversation about priorities. With solar and battery technology poised to meet, if not surpass, our energy demands, the focus should be on enhancing this clean energy infrastructure. Investments could be redirected from large-scale hydro projects, which threaten our natural landscapes, to supporting the solar revolution already taking root in Australian homes.

Preserving Our Paradise

Eungella and regions like it are irreplaceable treasures, hosting biodiversity that no technology can replicate or restore once lost. As we stand on the brink of a renewable energy future, let's choose paths that preserve these natural wonders for generations to come.

Let's not allow the legacy of our time to be marked by the destruction of pristine habitats for projects that soon may be obsolete. Instead, let's invest in a future where technology and nature coexist, powered by the endless energy of the sun.

We urge the Queensland Government to reconsider its stance on the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project. By embracing the potential of solar and batteries, we can protect our environmental heritage while securing a sustainable, prosperous future for Queensland.



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