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Queensland's Reckless Renewables: Koalas "Clubbed to Death"

In a recent article penned by Rebecca Weisser, the alarming environmental consequences of the renewable energy race in Queensland have been brought to light. The piece, titled "How The ‘Green Shoe Brigade’ Is Wrecking Australia," sheds light on the reckless pace of renewable projects, highlighting the lax regulatory environment that allows ministers to override environmental regulations.

This echoes the concerns we share in our battle against the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project. Here's a closer look at the parallels between the broader Queensland scenario and our fight to Save Eungella.

Unchecked Regulatory Powers

Weisser points out the concerning discretion ministers hold to override environmental regulations for 'relevant infrastructure activities.' This is an unacceptable loophole that puts our precious ecosystems at risk. Similarly, in our struggle against the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project, we witness how regulatory processes can be manipulated to favor large-scale projects over environmental conservation.

The Gold Rush Mentality

The comparison to the Wild West or the Wild North during the gold rush is striking. The "anything goes" atmosphere described in Queensland's Renewable Energy Rush resonates with the frenzied push for large-scale energy projects. This feverish rush, fueled by promises of renewable energy, is reminiscent of the gold rush that historically wreaked havoc on landscapes.

Ruthless Destruction of Old-Growth Forests

Weisser highlights the ruthless indifference to bulldozing old-growth forests, the last refuges for rare and threatened creatures. The calculated clearing of these areas for renewable projects is a disgraceful act, paralleling the threats faced by our beloved Eungella. Our fight is not just about a pumped hydro project; it's about preserving the sanctity of our natural habitats.

Environmental Double Standards

The article points out the double standards in environmental advocacy, where state-funded conservation groups fear criticising the government for fear of losing funding. This is a critical point that resonates with our situation. We must ensure that the protection of our environment takes precedence over political considerations and financial dependencies.

Koala Conservation Sacrificed

Weisser's account of the impending destruction at Lotus Creek, with potential harm to koalas, draws stark parallels with our concerns. The callous approach towards endangered species in the pursuit of renewable projects is unacceptable. The shocking revelation that "if a koala is injured it must, by law, be clubbed to death" exemplifies the dire consequences of prioritising energy interests over our wildlife. Our fight is not just for a landscape; it's for the preservation of the diverse and unique wildlife that calls Eungella home.

A koala in a tree
Reckless renewable projects in Queensland will see koalas clubbed to death

As we stand united in our efforts to Save Eungella, let us draw inspiration from the broader environmental challenges Queensland faces. The fight against environmental degradation caused by unchecked renewable projects is a shared one, and our collective voices can make a difference.

Let's continue to raise awareness, mobilise support, and stand strong against the forces that threaten the very essence of our natural heritage.



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