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Save Eungella Stands at the Reckless Renewables Rally in Canberra

In a resolute display of solidarity and commitment, members of Save Eungella recently embarked on a monumental journey, covering a 4000 km round trip to Canberra, to make their voices heard at the Reckless Renewables rally. This significant event marked a pivotal moment for our community and fellow supporters, as we stood together to call attention to the pressing issues surrounding renewable energy projects and their impact on local environments and communities.

At the heart of the rally, Katy McCallum's impassioned speech resonated deeply, articulating the concerns and sentiments that many of us hold dear. Her words served not just as a message, but as a rallying cry for awareness, action, and change, echoing the collective aims of our communities.

Our participation in the rally underscored several critical demands:

  1. The Approval of a Senate Inquiry: We stand united in our call for a thorough examination of renewable energy projects and their long-term implications for both the environment and the people living in affected areas.

  2. Suspension of All Renewable Projects Pending Senate Inquiry: Advocating for a pause on the development of new renewable energy projects until a comprehensive investigation can ensure that they do not harm the environment or infringe upon the rights and livelihoods of local communities.

The rally served as a powerful platform to voice our concerns directly to key political figures, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Chris Bowen MP, Tanya Plibersek, and other notable representatives, urging them to listen and act on behalf of communities across Australia.

We are not against renewable energy, but we demand responsible and considerate implementation that respects the ecological and social fabric of our regions.

The journey to Canberra and back may have been long, but it represents just a small step in our continued fight to protect our beloved Eungella and ensure that renewable energy projects are developed in harmony with the environment and local communities.

We extend our gratitude to the Kilkivan Action Group and Property Rights Australia for their unwavering support and solidarity in our shared mission.



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