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South East Queenslanders Are Being Told Lies

Updated: Apr 23

South East Queensland residents are being misled about the true nature and impact of renewable energy projects across the state. Despite promises of environmental preservation and climate action, these initiatives have been executed hastily and without sufficient transparency, often at a significant cost to both communities and natural habitats.

People will loose their homes and the government told the media first

The Queensland government, having dragged its feet for over a decade in response to scientific warnings about climate change, is now aggressively pushing renewable projects. They're marketed as essential, yet their implementation has been anything but cautious. Former Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk dubbed the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro Project the "battery of the north." Alarmingly, she announced this massive initiative to the media before consulting any local communities—a clear sign of the government's priorities.

An image of text that says "South East Queenslanders are being told lies by the Queensland Government
A government that tells lies to its own people

Lies being told my government ministers

Energy Minister Mick de Brenni has been particularly vocal, claiming these projects, including the Pioneer-Burdekin, will not impact the local wildlife. However, the reality starkly contrasts his statements. If the Pioneer-Burdekin project proceeds, it threatens to destroy the habitat of over 1000 platypus, displacing or even killing hundreds. This dissonance between the government's statements and the ecological facts raises a troubling question: What else might be misrepresented?

Lower power prices? But we have no idea how much it will cost

Moreover, the financial transparency around these projects is woefully inadequate. The Pioneer-Burdekin project's budget originally stood at $12 billion, but current estimates are spiraling, with Premier Steven Miles unable to specify the expected cost overruns. This uncertainty is disturbing, especially when coupled with promises that these projects will reduce energy bills for Queenslanders. How can such benefits be guaranteed when the financial groundwork is so unstable?

Reckless Renewables instead of Green Renewables

The term "reckless renewables" might seem contradictory—after all, renewable energy is supposed to safeguard our future. Yet, when projects are rolled out precipitously, without proper planning or community input, they can cause irreparable damage to the very environments they are meant to protect. Across Queensland, numerous renewable projects are underway, many of which pose significant threats to rural communities and ecosystems.

It's crucial that Queenslanders understand the reality behind the government's green facade. This isn't just about switching to renewable energy—it's about ensuring these transitions do not sacrifice our cherished natural landscapes on the altar of progress.

We, at Save Eungella, urge you to take action. Help us preserve the habitats that our wildlife, including the platypus, depend on. Sign our petition and write to the federal Environment Minister to express your concerns. We must demand that our transition to renewable energy is responsible, thoughtful, and genuinely sustainable.



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