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We invite you to join us at a an eye-opening event that delves deep into Reservoir A, the thriving platypus population, and the true beauty and significance of this threatened area.


Date: Saturday, August 5th

Time: 10:30am

Location: Mirani Community Hall, 1 Caroline St, Mirani

Join us for an investigative journey into Reservoir A, where we aim to reveal the real facts about the pumped hydro project. Our event boasts an impressive lineup of special guests and experts, offering valuable insights and knowledge.

Guest speakers include:

Hydrologist - Shedding light on the hydrological significance of Reservoir A

Environmental Advocate - Championing wildlife protection and preservation

Traditional Owner - Sharing the ancestral perspective and wisdom

Platypus Expert - Unraveling the mysteries of the platypus population

The event features captivating video presentations on Reservoir A's platypus community and an exclusive unveiling of an accurate visualisation of the true impact of Reservoir A.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to chat with our esteemed guests and experts.



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