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Steven Nowakowski: Capturing the Essence of Eungella's Wilderness

Eungella's enchanting wilderness has long been a sanctuary for both nature enthusiasts and its unique wildlife. Nestled in this pristine paradise, renowned photographer Steven Nowakowski, of Panoscapes, recently embarked on a journey to document the natural wonders that make this region so special. Little did he know that his lens would not only capture the awe-inspiring beauty of Eungella but also play a pivotal role in raising awareness about the threats it faces.

A Tale of Two Worlds: The Beauty and the Threat

As Steven ventured into the heart of Eungella, he found himself immersed in a world of wonder. His encounter with the elusive platypus was nothing short of extraordinary, providing a glimpse into the secret lives of these remarkable creatures. Through his lens, he captured moments that unveiled the magic of this unique environment.

However, as he explored the region, Steven couldn't help but confront a sobering reality. Eungella's future hangs in the balance due to plans for a pumped hydro project. This project threatens not only the pristine wilderness but also the lives of countless platypus. The proposed construction of three reservoirs, particularly Reservoir B, could have catastrophic consequences for these iconic Australian creatures.

Platypus in water
Photo supplied by Steven Nowakowski

A Call to Action: Documenting Nature Before It's Lost

Steven's dedication to preserving the essence of Eungella is evident in his commitment to documenting its natural beauty. His stunning photography and videography serve as a testament to what's at stake. Through his lens, he captures the urgency of the situation, emphasizing the need to act swiftly and decisively to protect this irreplaceable environment.

Raising Awareness: A Collective Effort

In his efforts to raise awareness about the impending threats to Eungella, Steven has called upon all of us to share his message far and wide. His plea for support reverberates, especially in Southeast Queensland (SEQ), where many remain unaware of the challenges facing regional Queensland's last remaining wild places.

Preserving Eungella: Our Shared Responsibility

Eungella is more than a location; it's a symbol of the natural beauty and biodiversity that make Australia unique. The fate of this pristine wilderness rests in our hands. As Steven's lens captures the essence of Eungella, it's a stark reminder that we must act collectively to protect it.



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