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Triumph for Transparency: Borumba Project's 'Controlled Action' Status Ushers in New Era of Environmental Accountability

The recent announcement that the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project has been classified as a 'controlled action' by the Commonwealth Government marks a significant milestone. This classification mandates a thorough Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) under the EPBC Act, ensuring all potential environmental, social, and economic impacts are carefully examined.

An aerial view of a dam with a spillway actively releasing water. The dam is constructed of what appears to be concrete and earthen materials, with a large body of water behind it, suggesting it's a reservoir. Lush green hills surround the reservoir, indicating a natural, possibly remote, location.
Borumba Dam, west of the Sunshine Coast - Image from Sunshine Coast News

This achievement is a testament to the concerted efforts of stakeholders, including community members, environmental groups, and traditional owners, who played a crucial role in advocating for a comprehensive assessment of the project's impact.

The Save Eungella team extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this crucial development. Your participation in the public consultation phase and submissions has been instrumental in ensuring the project undergoes the necessary scrutiny for its potential environmental impacts.



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