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Uniting Voices for a Sustainable Future: Rallying Against Reckless Renewables

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Tuesday 22nd August 2023 marked a significant moment as passionate advocates from across Queensland's regional communities converged outside Brisbane's Parliament House for the Rally against Reckless Renewables. The event brought together voices that echo concerns about the impact of ill-considered renewable energy projects. Standing in solidarity, we found camaraderie among fellow impacted communities, recognising that we are not alone in this fight. The rally was more than a gathering; it was a platform to share heartfelt stories, express shared concerns, and form connections with like-minded individuals.

We extend our deep appreciation to our dedicated Save Eungella supporters who took the time to journey to Brisbane, despite the sacrifices it demanded – time away from families, businesses, and personal comforts. Our gratitude goes to Doug, Robyn, Rob, Mandy, Sue, Pete, Chad, Charlotte, and their children for their unwavering commitment. Special recognition is due to Craig, our media guru, who crafted our eye-catching signage, with the caricature of Anna "Platypus Killer" drawing attention and even earning the display nod from Michelle Landry. We're equally grateful to Ross, Doug's father, and past resident, for being part of our invaluable support crew.

To everyone who sent messages of support, your encouragement fuels our determination. If you're wondering how best to contribute, we discovered the power of our Save Eungella T-shirts at Brisbane Airport – sparking meaningful conversations and spreading awareness simply through wearing them. By purchasing our merchandise, like T-shirts, you not only support our cause but become an essential messenger for our mission. Let's make our message resonate far and wide. Get involved and explore our merchandise collection at Save Eungella Online Shop. Together, we're driving change for a sustainable future.



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