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Landowners bullied off the record to take deals while they still can

Updated: May 8, 2023

Landowners impacted by the Queensland Government's proposed $12 billion Pioneer-Burdekin pumped hydro project are reporting aggressive tactics from Queensland Hydro when it comes to land acquisition. Reports suggest that the company is attempting to bully landowners into accepting deals without proper consultation or negotiation.

According to the Australian Institute of Conveyancers, common tactics used by companies in land acquisition include intimidation, deception, and misinformation. This often involves making one-time offers that expire quickly, pressuring landowners to accept the first offer or risk losing out on compensation altogether.

Unfair land acquisition contracts
Unfair land acquisition contracts

Furthermore, Queensland Hydro appears to be using off-the-record conversations to apply additional pressure on landowners to accept deals.

Reports suggest that the company has warned landowners that offers will be lowered if they do not comply with the project's demands.

Such tactics are unacceptable and demonstrate a disregard for the rights of landowners.

Landowners impacted by the project have expressed their frustration and concern about the lack of information and consultation from Queensland Hydro. One landowner who wished to remain anonymous stated: "We feel like we're being bullied into accepting deals that are not in our best interest. We need proper consultation and transparency, not just one-sided offers."

It is crucial that landowners have access to independent legal advice before accepting any offers from companies like Queensland Hydro. Landowners should also be aware of their rights when it comes to land acquisition, including the right to negotiate a fair price and the right to dispute any proposed acquisition in court.


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