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Landowners discover property acquisition through media reports

Updated: May 8, 2023

The Queensland Government's decision to acquire land for the world's biggest pumped hydro project without consulting with local communities and landowners has caused widespread outrage.

In a shocking turn of events, landowners in Queensland have discovered that their properties are to be acquired for a $12 billion pumped hydro project, through media reports.

Queensland Hydro News Headlines
Queensland Hydro News Headlines

On the 28th of September 2022, the Queensland Government announced that they would be undertaking the world's biggest pumped hydro project. The project, which is said to be the biggest investment in Queensland's history, is set to provide clean and reliable energy to the state's growing population.However, the project has been met with criticism from local landowners who have been left in the dark about the acquisition of their properties.

Many landowners only found out about the project through news stories and headlines.

The lack of communication from the Queensland Government has left many landowners feeling frustrated and powerless. They feel that their properties are being taken away from them without their consent or knowledge. Some landowners have expressed concern about the impact the project will have on their livelihoods and the local environment.

The lack of transparency and consultation from the Queensland Government has also been criticised by opposition parties and environmental groups. They argue that the government should have consulted with local communities and landowners before announcing such a massive project.

The Queensland Government has defended their decision, stating that the project is essential for meeting the state's future energy needs. They have also promised to work with affected landowners to ensure that they are compensated fairly and that their concerns are addressed.

However, for many landowners, the damage has already been done. The fact that they were not consulted before the project was announced has left them feeling frustrated and betrayed.



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